Your authorized Eastern Ontario dealer for JOINT ACTIVE SYSTEMS (JAS) braces.

JAS braces are a proven Range of Motion therapy, used by patients in their own home to regain joint range following injury, disease, or joint reconstruction.

Since 1999, Precision Rehab has fitted thousands of patients with JAS braces in eastern Ontario. These braces are routinely prescribed by physicians and physiotherapists to restore their patients' function and ability to return to work.

JAS braces are custom measured for each patient, and a Precision Rehab fitter will meet with you for the fitting and personalized instruction on how to use your brace. A medical prescription is required.

The JAS is furnished on a rental basis, and the overall wearing period is typically two to three months.

JAS Knee Brace
JAS Knee Brace

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JAS is available for:

Accelerate Outcomes with the Proven Approach

Superior ROM outcomes in 1½ hours per day

  • Simulates manual stretch techniques used by the therapist
  • Short treatment time and improved outcomes with only three 30 minute sessions per day per direction
  • Patient controlled therapy
  • Easy to use
  • Bi-directional
  • Use as an adjunct to other manual therapies
  • Reduces rehabilitation time by permanently restoring joint range of motion

Service Areas

All of eastern Ontario including:

Belleville, Ontario | Trenton, Ontario | Perth, Ontario | Pembroke, Ontario | Ottawa, Ontario | Brockville, Ontario | Gananoque, Ontario | Hawksburry, Ontario | Napanee, Ontario | Smiths Falls, Ontario | Cornwall, Ontario | Kingston, Ontario


How do I order a JAS device?

JAS devices are only available by prescription through a doctor or therapist. All JAS devices are provided on a rental basis, except for the Finger and Toe devices which are purchased. If you are interested in JAS therapy for your patients, please contact us directly.

Will using a JAS device be painful?

No! JAS devices are degree by degree adjustable and patient controlled. For JAS therapy to be effective, it is imperative that a low-intensity, pain-free degree of stretch is maintained throughout the entire session.

How do JAS devices work?

JAS devices are used to restore a joint's range of motion by gently stretching soft tissues surrounding joints that have stiffened because of injury, surgery or prolonged immobilization.

JAS devices provide Static Progressive Stretch Therapy (SPS) which utilizes the force loading condition known as stress-relaxation. This is the same technique that therapists use when performing manual stretch therapy in the clinic. SPS devices apply incremental low-intensity loads to the tissues at their end range. Tissues respond to these prolonged end loads by stretching and remodeling to a new, permanent length.

Do patients have to sleep in the JAS device?

No! JAS devices require three 30 minute sessions per day. The sessions are done while in a comfortably seated position, generally while watching TV, reading a book or simply relaxing.

Should the JAS be worn for longer than prescribed for faster results?

This is not recommended. Excellent range of motion results have been achieved with the 30 minute x 3 sessions protocol. The time between sessions allows for active movement to occur in the joint in either direction. Clinical experience with JAS devices has shown that longer treatment times may lead to inflammation, with no significant additional increase in range of motion.

How are JAS devices paid for?

They are provided on a rental basis and rental fees are covered by most insurance companies including WSIB and Motor Vehicle Accident cases. Our customer service department will handle billing procedures including assistance in obtaining insurance authorization.

Does JAS substitute for hands on therapy?

No. Jas devices are intended to be an adjunct to patients' home exercise and clinic-based program, to assist in making faster and steadier gains in joint range of motion. Since JAS allows effective range of motion therapy at home, the therapist has more time to address other rehab goals such as strengthening and functional re-education.

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